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Water Beds And Back Pain
There is nothing worse than lying down to sleep at night and not being able to get comfortable because of back pain. Back pain, whether acute or chronic can stop a person sleeping, leaving them tired and unable to function well the next day. Water beds have been proven to ease back pain, their modern technology making it possible to cope with back pain and sleep well.
Chronic back pain is the worst type of pain to have, the symptoms often being lifelong after many types of failed treatment. Acute back pain however may bring a more intense sensation of pain, but the pain will often be short lived and will disappear after a few days. It has been well known for many years that in order to cope with back pain, a high quality mattress is a must; modern water beds giving the support and cushioning necessary to ensure a good night’s sleep.
How water beds help with back pain
Modern water beds can alleviate the pain and tension felt in the lower back and spine, the mattress contouring to the body and allowing the person to relax and feel comfortable. Contour forming mattresses such as water beds will aid with back pain, and will ensure a higher quality of sleep. When the mattress contours to the spine, it will cushion the back softly, and unlike sprung mattresses it will be free from lumps and bumps.
Heating features and back pain
In the past, a water bed would have been cold and often clammy; modern day water beds often include a heated feature that can be turned on to ensure that the person really does feel warm as they lie in bed. The soothing warmth from the contour mattress will ease the pain of both acute and chronic back pain, allowing the sufferer to finally get to sleep.
Unlike older designs of water bed, modern beds that are designed for back pain will have limited waves, this ensuring that the bed is firmer than a traditional water bed, yet is perfect for supporting the back where it is needed most. Modern water beds can be compared to a memory foam mattress, the mattress perfectly cushioning the back and spine.
When the spine is cushioned by the warmth of a mattress, the sufferer of acute or chronic back pain can find comfort much in the same way as when hot water packs are applied to the back and spine. Heat is known to comfort all types of pain, a new born baby being comforted by the heat of her mother. With a warm mattress, the spine will finally relax, and the aches and pains that are felt throughout the day will finally cease.
Investing in a modern water bed is a great idea for all sufferers of acute and chronic back pain. When a heated bed with limited wave features is chosen specifically, the person can find a position in which it is comfortable to sleep, the mattress contouring to give just the right amount of support. Once the back is properly supported and the pain is being eased by the heat, the sufferer can finally get a good night’s sleep.