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Hot Tubs and Spas for Sale in Chorley, Lancashire

Hot Tubs and Spas for Sale in Chorley, Lancashire

If you are looking for Hot Tubs or Spas Near Me, then look no further that Aquastyle Arctic Hot Tubs and Spas here in Chorley, Lancashire. Arctic Spas  have been designing, engineering and selling hot tubs for over 30 years. The Arctic Spas  brand is highly regarded and when we sell a hot tub we consider you a part of the Aquastyle Arctic Spas extended family.


Aquastyle Arctic Spas ® have a wide range of high-quality hot tubs for sale that suit individuals, couples and families of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on listening and supporting our customers, dealers and employees alike. This has lead us to create a diverse range of hot tubs for sale that we call the Custom, Classic and Core Series.

World-Class Hot Tubs and Spas in Chorley, Lancashire

Our focus continues to be on offering the most innovative designs, provide a wonderful hot tub experience, costing less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. Our hots tubs for sale in Chorley, Lancashire, combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

Our Hot Tub and Spa Ranges for Sale in Chorley, Lancashire

Custom Series

Unsurpassed Comfort, Construction and Technology completely custom built to your needs.

  • Summit 
  • XLSummit
  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas Summit XL Hot Tub
  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas  Summit Hot Tub

Classic Series

25 years of engineering excellence built into every Classic Series hot tubs.

  • Mustang

Core Series

Our Core Construction techniques built into hot tubs that fit nearly any budget and are ideal for your home.

  • Grizzly

After we make a hot tub sale, we want you to take full advantage of your new hot tub. Our support, development and follow up services are incredibly important to you and us as one of the family! You deserve it!

4 Simple Steps To Start Feeling Great Everyday, Anytime

Contact Us

Choose the most convenient way to get in touch, via this site, email or phone!

Select Your Spa

We will help you choose the size, model, and options that are best for you.

Prepare For Delivery

Preparation is very minimal and our team will guide you every step of the way.

Install & Enjoy!

Simply fill it with your garden hose, wait for it to heat up and enjoy! We make it easy.

Hot Tub and Spa Colours

Our Hot Tubs and Spas for Sale in Chorley, Lancashire Come in a Range of Colours

The Aquastyle Arctic Spas ® Exclusive acrylic line.

Dakota and Kalahari from Aristech are unique in that they are textured surfaces.

Not only do they hide minor scratches much better than smooth surfaces, but they do provide a little more traction – a nice peace of mind when children or those who aren’t moving so smoothly are considered.

These two surfaces are exclusive to Aquastyle Arctic Spas ®

  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas // KALAHARI
  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas // DAKOTA

A surface you can feel comfortable resting against.

Every Custom and Classic Series Aquastyle Arctic Spas ® is available in five beautiful shell colors (some textured) and four for Core Series, so you can choose the perfect match to your lifestyle and decor.

  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas ESPRESSO
    • Odyssey
    • Espresso
    • Platinum Swirl


Aquastyle Arctic Hot Tubs and Spas have a Range of Accessories Available for the Care and Upkeep of Your Hot Tub To Keep it in Tip Top Condition and Available For You To Enjoy For Years – Available to Buy Online

Hot Tub Chemicals

  • Arctic Pure bottles
  • JustBlue bottles

Hot Tub Covers

  • Covered hot tub

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

  • Covered hot tub with a cover lifter

Hot Tub Steps and Bars

  • Four tier corner steps

Hot Tub Handrails

  • Hot tub with a handrail

Hot Tub Filters

  • Aquastyle Arctic Spas Filters

Hot Tub Steps & Bars

Step Into a Better Spa Experience with Our Spa Stairs, Swim Spa Steps and More

Step right up into a world of relaxation, leisure, entertainment and stress-melting hydrotherapy. Aquastyle Arctic Spas provide plentiful lifestyle advantages, but before you go in, you first have to climb up!

While many of our customers choose to implement their spa or hot tub into an existing deck or outdoor setting, others choose a more freestyle setup. If your spa is more free-standing than confined, you’ll need a boost – and there’s simply no safer, easier way to gain access to your Aquastyle Arctic Spas hot tub than our spa stairs and hot tub steps.

  • 2 Tier Steps
  • 2 Tier Corner Steps
  • 2 Tier Storage Steps
  • 2 Tier Stair Pack
  • 3 Tier Steps Pack
  • 3 Tier Steps
  • 3 Tier Storage Steps
  • 3 Tier Corner Steps
  • 4 Tier Corner Steps
  • 4 Tier Stair Pack
  • 4 Tier Steps

To keep the tone and ambiance with your new hot tub, consider adding to the experience with some high quality cedar wood accessories!

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

From cabinet mount assist covers to cabinet free covers, our spa cover lifts allow you to safely secure your hot tub when not in use.

What’s more, our hot tub cover lifters are exclusively designed for Aquastyle Arctic Spas hot tub covers, so when you’re ready to get back in – regardless of the time of year – there’s no waiting at all. Easy access, little required maintenance, comprehensive function – Aquastyle Arctic Spas hot tub cover lifters have it all!

  • Cover Lifter Cabinet Mount Assist 500×310 1
  • Spa wedge
  • Cabinet Mount Assist
  • Cabinet Free Cover Rest
  • Universal Connector Kit
  • Cover Lock
  • Cabinet Mount Lift
  • Cabinet Free Cover Shelf
  • Universal Towel T

Technical Information – Uncompromised Excellence

Unsurpassed Comfort, Construction and Technology completely custom built to your needs.

Hot Tubs and Spas For Sale in Chorley Lancashire at Aquastyle

Technical Information on the Following Aquastyle Arctic Spas is Available on Request – Contact Us Today

  • Summit XL
  • Kodiak
  • Yukon
  • Summit
  • Klondiker
  • Cub

Recommended Site Access and Preparation


Most Spas Require 44” Clearance to get through gates, between houses and side fences and around corners. 9’-10’ of overhead clearance in order to move the spa into place.

To select a location for your new Arctic Spa with Forever Floor® will require a flat compact surface.

If you are using 4X4 railroad ties, they should be a maximum of 12-inch centers to properly support the entire underside of your spa.

Balconies and decks should be constructed to meet all builder codes and should be able to support up to exceed 100lbs/square foot. Remember that a gallon of water weighs roughly about 10 lbs

Your Spa can weigh as much a 1000lbs (454kg)

For More Information About Aquastyle Artic Spas and Hot Tubs for Sale in Chorley, Lancashire, Contact Us Today, We are Here To Help

Hot Tub FAQ’s

Shopping for a hot tub should be an easy experience. Keep in mind you are looking for the ultimate experience and long term efficiency. Here are the top 5 commonly asked questions.

What should I consider and look for when investing in a hot tub?

Ask yourself how you will be enjoying your Spa with your family and friends will help to determine the size and mould design suited to your needs. Spa construction and longevity, technology and wi-fi connectivity, monthly energy costs, tub maintenance, warranty, serviceability and your budget. We can help!

Is it expensive and hard to maintain a hot tub?

There have been many engineering advances that minimize costs and make maintaining ideal spa conditions with minimal effort. Arctic Spas® has solutions for these valid concerns with our FreeHeat™ and Spa Boy® technology greatly lowering your monthly energy costs and to help maintain ideal spa conditions.

How long will my hot tub last?

Detailed construction of the shell, cabinet, insulation system and components used all add to the life span of your Spa. Asking about construction is important and time should be taken to discuss. Arctic Spas® are built to last using the same construction concepts and practices as building a home.

Is site preparation a hassle and expensive?

There can be work involved and expenses incurred in preparing where you would like to place your tub. Arctic Spas® Forever Floor helps dramatically reduce your cash investment, all you need is a level surface.

*Does not apply to AWP and CORE Series*

Myths of Salt Water Systems.

That saltwater systems are corrosive, hard on your components to maintain Truth: Salt water systems are not corrosive, are not hard on your components, they are easy systems to maintain and are great for your skin.

Ask your dealer for more details about Spa Boy® exclusive to Arctic Spas®