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Healthopaedic Mattresses

Get a better night’s rest with Healthopaedic mattress…

The Healthopaedic mattress is made originally from materials originally used by NASA and can truly improve your quality of life. There are a number of benefits to this type of mattress, and within a few nights, you should be able to feel a difference. The memory foam mattress gives you a feeling of weightlessness, which moulds to your body shape and makes your sleeping position more comfortable. With a Healthopaedic mattress, you’ll toss and turn less, which means that you’ll have a higher quality of sleep as it features three layers of foam.

With a cool, open cell memory foam on top, gel foam transition layer and a durable high density base foam layer, a Healthopaedic mattress will help you achieve a more comfortable night’s rest. The mattress itself is exclusively designed to effectively relieve health problems such as joint pain, circulatory problems, insomnia, arthritis, and back pain. The mattresses unique memory foam material helps you sleep more naturally, without excess pressure on certain parts of the body. We at Aquastyle Beds and Furniture can advise on the best Healthopaedic mattress for you, at the lowest prices in the North West.

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